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Stacey is an NZPGA Trainee Professional and TPI Certified (Titleist Performance Institute) Coach and is bringing her passion for helping people, and for golf together to create an athlete centered holistic approach to player development, Stacey is super passionate about getting people into golf. Specialising in women’s and children’s golf.

Stacey has played golf from the age of 4 years following in her fathers footsteps developing a love for the game, she then moved on to become an Auckland representative and at a club level played both Mens and Womens pennants teams and won club championships.

After completing her diploma in Athlete development (for golf) Stacey then left NZ at age 18 Stacey travelled over to the USA and spent some time teaching juniors at one of the summer camps where her program had the most participation the camp had seen in many years. It was her love of the sport and passion for children that achieved this, with many children attending her sessions at every opportunity.

Stacey has had extensive experience and knowledge in working with people, she has an open honest and positive approach and believes everyone should have the opportunity to play and achieve at their own level. Everyone should have the opportunity and is capable of learning so whether you want to be the best you can be or if you just want to go out and have some fun with friends Stacey has a great range of products and services to meet these needs.


  • NZPGA Gateway Coach Level One
  • TPI Certified
  • Diploma in Athlete Development
  • Workplace First Aid
  • Coaching Certificate NZ Level One
  • National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (leadership and bushwalking)
  • Mountain Safety – outdoor leader award
  • ACC Sport Smart – injury prevention
  • OSCAR-Out of School with ASD
  • OSCAR- Safe
  • Circle of Courage – Youth at Risk

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